posted by on February 25, 2021

February 25, 2021

Dear Kohut Family, 

It’s hard to believe it’s almost March and spring is around the corner — yay!!  As the weather starts to warm up and we all start planning for the months ahead, we are sending this letter to clarify our expectations for your family regarding pre-arrival and traveling to Kamp. In addition to testing (don’t worry, we will dedicate a full letter to testing later!), we are asking every family to participate in “low-risk behavior” at least 10 days prior to arrival. 

So what is “low risk behavior”? 

Pre-Arrival Low Risk Behaviors are those which can be done outdoors and/or with masking and physical distancing. Campers and staff should only be unmasked with immediate household family members during this time. Specifically: campers and staff should not eat in restaurants or other eating venues with individuals outside their family unit;  gatherings of groups outside the family household are not recommended — this includes weddings, graduations, religious gatherings, parties and playdates.  Attending school, where masking and distancing is diligently employed, has not been shown to increase risk of COVID-19 and may be considered a low-risk behavior during this time. Should you have any questions about whether or not something you have planned fits within these guidelines, feel free to reach out!

Still unsure? Here are a few resources to help: 

  1. What the Experts Say about COVID-19 Risks
  2. Brown University MyCOVIDRisk App
  3. Texas Medical Association “Be Informed” infographic

Traveling to Kamp: 

Last week we sent a Transportation Survey to solicit your travel plans to and from Kamp. Thank you to everyone who completed the survey, and for all of the helpful feedback! We continue to firm up our planning. However, a few things are certain: 

  1. We will be offering a chartered bus, as in past years, and will limit the number of bodies per bus to allow for distancing, even if that requires another bus. The chartered bus will make roundtrip stops in NYC, Westchester, NY, Westport, CT and Newton, MA. 
  2. Based on the survey results, there are very few families who are anticipating their kamper will fly to or from Kamp. We will be reaching out to those families directly to coordinate. If you did not complete the survey and would like your kamper to fly, please reach out to ASAP. 
  3. We will get everyone to and from Kamp while adhering to the safest guidelines possible! 

For more information about COVID at Kamp this summer, please see our COVID-19 FAQ page.

Again, thank you for being part of our Kohut Family and for sharing your children with us. We are very thankful for your continued support.  

Sending you our best wishes, 

Lisa, Dan and your Kohut Team