Policies & FAQs

Requirements For Employment

Staff members must be at least 19 years of age by June 1 and/or have one year of college experience before being considered for employment.

Staff members must also be able to perform the physical functions required by the job. Please see the “Essential Job Functions” for more information.


Kamp Kohut has a color-scheme uniform policy. Staff members are required to wear any combination of navy blue and white while on-duty. Campers wear royal blue and white. Gray sweat wear is permissible, but make sure to follow the packing list that is available online in the staff forms section.

basketballKamp Kohut will provide two t-shirts with the Kohut logo to supplement your wardrobe once you arrive at camp.

There will be times at camp when uniform is not required, and staff do not have to wear the Kohut colors when they are off campus and off-duty. Make sure to bring some appropriate non-uniform clothing to wear for special events, such as dances and the 4th of July, and normal clothes to wear on time off.


Smoking of any kind is not allowed on camp facilities at any time.


Alcohol is not allowed on camp facilities at any time and staff may not return to camp intoxicated. Please remember that the legal drinking age in Maine is 21.


Possession or use of illegal drugs is not permitted at any time. Prescription and over-the-counter medications must be out of the camper cabins at all times due to American Camp Association and state requirements. This is for the safety of you and your campers.


Personal Social Media Accounts

A great number of people – including campers and their parents – are searching and communicating through various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and many others. At Kohut, we pride ourselves in providing a wholesome atmosphere for children and require our staff to maintain similarly appropriate and positive online presence.

The following are examples of inappropriate content:

  • Pictures or text boasting of excessive drinking and/or partying.
  • Discussions about drug use
  • Sexually explicit pictures or text
  • Violent pictures or text
  • Mentioning Kamp Kohut campers’ pictures
  • Pictures with Kohut’s logo in it

Physical Health

All staff must submit a health form signed by a physician before arriving at camp and are required to have had a physical examination within the past 12 months of attending camp. All staff are required to be fully vaccinated to be eligible for employment.


Background Checks

We will be processing a criminal background check and a check of the National Sex Offenders Registry before camp starts. Staff are also required to complete a voluntary disclosure form and provide three references.

Time Off

staffTime off at Kamp Kohut is very generous, as we expect our staff to give 110% when they are on-duty. While being indescribably rewarding, a camp counselor job is also very demanding. We want to make sure staff have plenty of time to recharge their batteries so when they are with the kids, they can give the kids their very best.

Time off includes one day during the all-camp orientation, two days at the mid-session break, and four other days over the course of the First and Second Sessions. These dates will be determined once the staff arrive at camp and are placed in bunk assignments. Counselors alternate evenings off with their co-counselors, which means that on evenings off, staff will be dismissed at approximately 9:00pm and do not have to return to the bunk until 1:00am. During your “on” evenings, bunk counselors are required to stay with their campers in the cabin until the following morning. This ensures full camp coverage while still allowing all staff several evenings off per week. Staff who do not live with children will have a similar schedule.

Staff meetings are typically held one night per week, in which case everyone remains “on”.

Time off also includes one “early evening” each session, which allows staff to leave at dinner time. Also, each staff member will have one period off each day. This will allow time for e-mailing, showering, exercising, and even napping!

Kamp Kohut does have a curfew of 1:00am every night, with the exception of the evening before your day off, in which case you are allowed to sign-out overnight. However, the curfew is in effect for the evening of your day off.