berriesTrip Day occurs once a week and gives each camper a chance to step away from the regular schedule and into an awesome nature-based adventure in various scenic locations across the great state of Maine.  Trips are chosen in advance by the campers and are organized into small groups of 10 to 12 children with 3 to 6 counselors.  Packed with the proper clothing, maps, equipment and bag lunches, campers and counselors board buses, vans and boats to begin a day of exploration and fun.  

Trip Day excursions include a variety of options, including mountain biking on islands off Casco Bay, lobster fishing on the mighty Atlantic, gem mining in quarries of southwestern Maine, and hiking on the Appalachian Trail. Campers may also find themselves at the Desert of Maine, at a wildlife park, fishing for bass, exploring 11-mile long Lake Thompson in a sailboat, canoeing down the Androscoggin river, or picking juicy Maine blueberries… there are numerous possibilities for adventure and exploration in beautiful Maine.  Two popular Kohut traditions incorporated into Trip Day: Trip Songs and Ice Cream!


One Trip Day per session is combined with an overnight experience, when campers go with their bunk mates to visit a Maine State Park, learn how to pitch a tent, build a fire, cook out, and a variety of other outdoor skills (such as building a natural shelter).   S’mores and stargazing are a favorite part of Overnights.