Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Kamp Kohut located?

Kamp Kohut is located in the town of Oxford, in the southern lakes region of the beautiful state of Maine. Kohut is nestled on the eastern shoreline of magnificent Thompson Lake, about 50 minutes northwest of Portland and three hours north of Boston. Our westward orientation on the lake ensures a spectacular view of the sun setting over the lake each evening. It makes the perfect setting for songs by the campfire!

How old is Kamp Kohut?

Kamp Kohut is one of the oldest camps in the country! Kohut was founded in 1907 by Dr. George Alexander Kohut, a prominent writer and educator who published numerous literary pieces, and among other things held leadership positions at Dalton and Columbia Grammar schools in New York City. Dr. Kohut wanted children to have the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy a healthy outdoor experience that would elicit physical, social, emotional, and spiritual growth. That tradition endures as over 100 years later kampers come to Kamp Kohut from across the world to learn more about themselves and others in the setting of the majestic Maine wilderness.

Where do Kamp Kohut campers come from?

Kohut campers come from every corner of the country and all over the world. A typical camp season will see children visit from over a dozen countries and around 20 states. Around 70% of campers come from the Northeast but it is important to remember that Kohut is not a “transplant” environment where everyone comes from the same few towns, neighborhoods and schools, and knows each other from home. We enjoy how the majority of our campers aren’t coming with friends from home and meet lots of new friends at Kohut.

How do campers travel to Kamp Kohut?

Please click here to learn more about how campers travel to and from Kamp Kohut. For instructions on how to book your travel for this coming season, please refer to your on-line account in the “Camper Forms” section.

Is Kamp Kohut a uniform camp?

Yes! Uniforms are an important part of the Kohut culture. We love how the uniform removes any potential competition or concern over appearance and an unnecessary focus on fashions and labels. Our uniform is also very practical and makes for comfortable classes. We should clarify that our uniform is more of a “color scheme” rather than everything having to bear the Kohut logo. Our camper colors are royal blue and white and can be any combination of the two colors. We do require a few Kohut logo’d items for events such as trip days when the kids are off-camp and need to be clearly identifiable. These few items can be purchased from The Camp Spot. Our staff wear navy blue and white.

Is there a religious affiliation at Kohut?

Kamp Kohut is a tolerant and respectful community of diverse campers and counselors. We have no religious affiliation.

When do I need to register?

Enrollment begins in September. Choosing the right camp is an important decision. We don’t want families to feel pressured or rushed into making a decision. However, in order for Kohut to maintain its quality program and small, nurturing environment, enrollment is limited in each age group. Inquire today to see if we have space in your child’s age group.