Covid-19 FAQ

As of June 13, 2021

This FAQ section is intended to give kampers, families and staff a snapshot into our planning process. To date, the below represents some of the most asked questions. As the weeks and months progress we will be sending directly to our enrolled families and hired staff specific and more detailed information related to Summer 2021.

If you haven’t already, please read our blog posts detailing our COVID-19 safety preparations for Summer 2021:

Why are you opening in 2021 when you decided not to open in 2020?

Kohut has weathered many obstacles since opening in 1907. Through wars, the Great Depression, and previous disease outbreaks in the world, Kohut has only closed for one summer: 2020. This was solely because of timing (or the lack thereof) to be able to effectively plan for the safety of all those expected to attend last year. Now that we have had a full year to learn and plan, we are confident in our ability to foster a safe environment which still embodies the Kohut culture you have come to expect. We can’t wait to provide a Kamp experience for children who need safe, fun outdoor activities and socializing, now more than ever!

Will campers and staff be vaccinated?

We are very happy to hear of the daily progress with vaccine administration in America and around the world. We believe children and adults should be fully vaccinated and, separate from COVID-19, expect this from families and staff who join us. “Fully vaccinated” will not include vaccination from COVID-19 this year; we will not be requiring kampers or staff to be vaccinated from COVID-19 this summer. However, we are assisting and strongly encouraging our staff to get vaccinated as soon as they are eligible, as we will if/when COVID-19 vaccine becomes available and recommended for children next year or beyond.

Will there be a testing and screening plan?

Yes! We will have pre- and post-arrival testing and symptom screening. We ask that your camper be tested 72 hours before arrival; we will facilitate testing once at Kamp and throughout the summer as directed by Dr. Blaisdell. We will be screening for symptoms regularly. More details on testing and screening will be explained closer to the camp season.

What's your plan for cohorting?

Our cohorting (Kamp “family”) plan begins at home with your help participating in low-risk pre-arrival behaviors. Once at Kamp, and at least for the first week, cabins will become their own “family” so that those campers and counselors can move freely among themselves much like you do at home. After a system of screening and testing, we hope to progressively expand the number of people per “family.”

Do we have to wear a face covering?

Yes, while you are interacting with those outside your “family,” you will need to be masked and physically distanced. BUT within your “family,” you will not need to be masked.

How is my camper getting to Kamp?

That’s up to you. Based on universal precautions advice, dropping off and picking up your camper via automobile is likely the safest option. However, we realize that is not practical for all families, so we plan on offering group travel options as in previous years, with additional protocols (NPI’s) to minimize risk. More specifics to come on this soon!

How will siblings interact?

Siblings who are not in the same cabin will still have the same opportunities to interact as they do with any other friends at Kamp. Siblings may sit together on the bus or plane en route, however, once at Kamp, they will be expected to be masked and distanced to protect the others in their Kamp “family.” We understand this protocol may take a little adjustment for some siblings; we will work closely with them to help, including extra visiting time and occasional brief outdoor physical contact (masked, hand sanitizing) if requested.

What happens if my child is sick?

If a kamper receives a positive test result while at Kamp, he/she will be permitted to stay at Kamp (until Departure Day); you are also welcome to collect your kamper, if you would prefer. During the requisite 10 day recovery period, he/she will sleep in our dedicated isolation space. While the term “isolation” is used for medical reasons, your kamper will continue to be warmly cared for by dedicated (fully vaccinated) Nurses and staff, and may have distanced/protected visits from friends. Should the kamper feel well enough, we will have plenty of fun “shadow Kamp” activities for him/her to participate in without risking further exposure.

For illness or injury deemed unrelated to COVID-19, our Health Center and staff will operate with the same level of care and compassion as in any other year.

Will there be Trip Day and off camp trips?

Our weekly Trip Day is an integral part of our program. Pre-COVID, our nature oriented trips were facilitated in small groups and enjoyed activities such as hiking, canoe trips and beach days. Based on the Maine guidelines, we are excited to continue to plan Trip Days, making sure to modify our offerings to non-public facing, outdoor locations. We will be avoiding populated beaches and bustling state parks, but thankfully, the beautiful state of Maine has plenty of safe, outdoor recreation opportunities!

Will staff be allowed off camp during their time off?

No. We have set the expectation with all staff that once at Kamp, they will have to stay on Kamp. Instead, we will be bringing as much of the ‘real world’ to Kamp as possible (eg, food, movies). We will also be making more activities available to staff on Kamp than ever before. Staff well-being is a priority at Kohut and that includes plenty of options to rest and recharge during time off!

How will the Kamp schedule be impacted?

Kohut’s program is founded on a principle of elective scheduling with intentional skill-based instruction. This foundation will remain in place. Because of our attention to cohorting, a kamper’s regular activity schedule will initially operate slightly differently. However, we will continue to prioritize a camper’s choice of activities as much as possible. In addition, we will adapt some activities to maximize time outdoors (eg, theatre “al fresco,” arts & crafts on the deck).

What happens if your international staff can’t come?

We remain hopeful international staff will be able to come this summer, however, we continue to hire outstanding American applicants to ensure Kohut is the fun, warm, friendly place it has always been.

Will there be Olympics or Kollege Days?

Yes! The intention and fun of Kohut’s friendly and creative competition will happen, although it may look a little differently.

Will there be “Flippers”?

Yes! Again, it may just look a little differently this summer.

Will we still have all-camp activities like Kampfire and Blue & White Days?

Yes! We are getting extra creative with all-camp events.

Will there be “Flagpole”?

Yes! But instead of shoulder to shoulder, we will be designating areas for each Kamp “family” to safely assemble and pay respect to this great tradition!

When is Secret Word starting again?

Day one of Kamp, just as before. Although keep your eye out for a possible preview appearance in the next Kronikle!

When will “Flagpole” be the answer for Secret Word?


If you have a question not answered here, please contact us!