posted by on May 19, 2020

Dear Kamp Kohut,

We hope this message finds you and your family healthy, weathering this COVID-19 storm as well as possible.  Thank you so much for your continuing patience and support over the past couple of months, as we have been trying desperately to figure out how/when/if we could open Kamp this summer.  We are very grateful for all the kind and compassionate communications from our loving Kohut community. We all passionately want Kamp to happen and have spent countless hours consumed by conversations, consultations, and research.  There have been many sleepless nights as we analyzed and agonized over conflicting scientific advice and changing daily news reports.  As of this moment, there is still so much unknown about this virus!

What we DO know is Kohut.  And at the end of the day, it has become clear to us that much as it breaks our hearts, we must postpone our time together at Kamp until the summer 2021.

Kohut, as we know and love it, just cannot run safely this summer.

My heart is aching.  Sometimes doing the right thing is really hard.  We are so sorry for the disappointment and sadness we know this decision will bring.  But in our heart of hearts, we know this is the right thing for our Kohut community – campers, staff, families and the larger community.

At Kohut, we pride ourselves in the fact that our campers and staff come from all over the country and different parts of the world.  We love the way our Kamp family mixes between ages and cabins, doing activities each of you choose, participating in large and small groups.  We love the warm and welcoming, safe environment.  We love the lively group cheers, the atmosphere of inclusion, the kindness, the respect, the fun, and the meaningful friendships.

This summer, the impact of travel restrictions, the risk of underlying health issues, potential state mandates, recommended quarantines and isolation practices, all add up to an experience which is not Kohut.  Kamp Kohut is the complete opposite of “social distancing” and “cohorts” or divisions, which are things necessary to keep you and our community safe at this time.  And safety is always our number one priority.

Life is full of surprising joys and disappointments, rewards and challenges.  The current pandemic has brought unforeseen challenges in so many ways.

But here’s the thing:  Kamp is really about the connections we make, the friends we hold dear, the happy and hopeful spirit Kohut imbeds in us.  You take that with you wherever you go, and we will be with you in spirit until we can truly be together again.  At the Final Campfire, we talk about taking a piece of Kohut with us as we go back to our “other homes” all over the world.  That still holds true, especially this year.  Keep us in your heart.  Let the warm thoughts of your Kohut family and next summer put a smile on your face and in your soul.

For 114 years, campers and staff have gathered at Kohut to share incredible experiences.  Whether it’s your 1st summer or your 40th, let’s look forward together to the special and spectacular Kohut Summer 2021 and many more to follow.  We’ll be together again before you know it.  How lucky we are to have the Kohut lessons and family supporting us all!  We are strong, resilient, and hopeful for the future.  We will again celebrate our good fortune to have the special friends and shared experiences which create such happy memories of Kamp.

We’re sure this news brings many questions as well as tears.  In the next days and weeks, we will be reaching out to share more details.  For now, rest assured the 2nd Year Seniors 2020 will be invited to return next year, there will be options for 2020 tuition paid, and there will be opportunities to stay connected until we meet again on the shores of beautiful Lake Thompson.

Until then, take care, stay safe, keep in touch.

Sending so many hugs and lots of love,

Lisa & Dan and your Kohut Team