2 Week Introduction

Two-week campers receive lots of individual attention and instruction in a fun-filled setting as they grow to LOVE camp!

For our youngest campers, Kamp Kohut offers a unique program at the beginning of each session – an opportunity to get his or her feet wet before diving into camp completely.  These young campers get a special dose of Kamp Kohut warmth and support as they check out what camp is all about.  After two weeks, campers who would like to stay for the remainder of the session are very welcome to do so.

Lucas swimming


Two-week campers explore all the same activities as our four-week campers and also enjoy two weeks’ worth of the memorable events that make Kamp Kohut so special… Blue & White Days, campfires, s’mores, “Flippers,” and “Kanteen,” among many others.

Two-week campers experience the pride of independence and accomplishment in a fun and nurturing setting.

Getting to Kamp Kohut

Two-week campers arrive on the same day and in the same way as four-week campers do, either by car, bus, or plane and they are welcome to use any of the Kohut chaperoned options.  Kohut Travel options for arrival are all open for your convenience and we are happy to coordinate these plans with you.  Please see Camper Travel for details.  

_DSC0742Option to Extend

Upon arrival, all campers dive straight into an action-packed schedule.  Our youngest campers, whether initially enrolled for two- and four-weeks, will have a bit more supervision from their supportive and nurturing counselors as they participate fully in all activities.  Bedtime routines and other key times are monitored more closely to ensure these youngest campers find their way and adjust happily to the camp experience.  Our hope is that this supportive and nurturing start will enable these two-week campers to adjust fully to camp life and feel comfortable enough to stay through the full session.  Indeed, 90% of our optional two-week campers end up staying four weeks.

Departing Kamp Kohut

If a two-week camper decides to extend his/her stay for the full four weeks, all Kohut Travel options are once again available for your convenience and we are happy to coordinate these plans with you.  If a two-week camper does not extend his/her stay, departure transportation is arranged on a camper-to-camper basis.  Typically, parents will arrange to pick up their camper directly from camp.


girls-fenceBecause our two-week campers enjoy the full Kamp Kohut experience in the time they are with us, the supplied packing list is still applicable. (Laundry is done once a week, right at camp.)  Kohut provides all equipment with the exception of in-line skates, but campers are welcome to bring any favorite baseball bats, tennis racquets, horseback riding helmets, lacrosse sticks, etc.


We welcome communication with parents! Our communication policy is the same for parents of two- and four- week campers, with the exception that we will contact parents of two-week campers to discuss the “Option to Extend.”