Is Your Child Ready?

A residential camp experience is a logical step towards helping your child gain independence, self-confidence, physical and social skills, and a summer of unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime — if your child is ready and the camp is a good match for you and your family.

Sending your child to sleepaway camp is a very big decision and sometimes it’s difficult to know if your child is ready.  We’re here to help with the process from start to finish.  




While there is no exact science to determining an individual child’s readiness, the following considerations are a good start.

  • My child has expressed an interest in attending camp.
  • My child enjoys sleepovers with friends or family.
  • My child has spent time away from home.
  • My child enjoys new experiences.
  • My child does well at day camp and seems ready for more activities.

Chances are if the majority of the above statements are true, your child is ready to attend sleepaway camp.  

Of course, there are always other factors to consider and if you are still unsure of your child’s readiness, we’re happy to talk or even set up a home visit or video chat

If you are still unsure about your child’s readiness, we also offer a 2-week program.

We pride ourselves on giving careful guidance to help ensure each child is ready for sleepaway camp and Kohut is the right match.