Camper Quotes

“Kamp is one of the best places on Earth!” ~ Danny, Florida


“Some people call Kamp a second home to them but for me, Kamp is my first home. It is undeniably my favorite place in the world. The friends I have made at Kamp Kohut are my family and I have spent the best summers of my life on Thompson Lake in Oxford, Maine. Kamp Kohut provides you with an experience like no other. It is a safe place to try new things (there is something for everyone there) and for you to just be yourself. If I could, I would spend every day at Kamp because I NEVER want to leave.  I urge you to come; it will truly change your life for the better.” ~ Cate, Georgia


“The five summers I spent at Kohut were some of the best of my life. I was able to take risks, challenge myself, all while having fun. There is a lot to be said about the simplicity of life at Kamp: breakfast, lunch, and dinner with your friends, trips around Maine; sunset waterskiing on the lake, and of course, Olympics. I look back on those summers nostalgically and would do just about anything to be able to jump into the lake in the early morning again.” ~ Nick, New York


“In the car on the way to camp, I was really nervous because I had never been away from my family for so long.  When my parents dropped me off, I didn’t feel so sad because I looked around and saw many people that were going to be nice to me and become my friends. My bunkmates were great and came from all over– even outside of the U.S. There were so many activities that I tried for the first time. I never thought I would love waterskiing so much. When I finally got up on waterskis for the first time, I had a big smile on my face and felt like I was flying. I also really loved the Olympics, the three day special event.  There were so many fun games and activities. My team was awesome! Even if you don’t win, you still have the best time!” ~ Lexi, Massachusetts


“Kamp Kohut to me is a happy place. I go there and be with my friends, my brothers. I’ve built bonds here that I’ll never forget. Kamp has taught me independence, and respect. Every year, I make memories that will never fade. I appreciate everything that kamp has done for me so much. If it weren’t for kamp, my best friends would have been random people that I’d never know. It’s one of the most important parts of my life, and I wait year long for the day I can be back at kamp. Kamp teaches morals. There is a respect for the land. A respect for others. A love of friendship. An enthusiasm for activities. I learn so much there. Kamp has truly molded me into the person I am today, and for that I am thankful.” ~ Jackson, Pennsylvania




“Turning into Kohut rd. on the first day of kamp, I was a little bit nervous, but mostly incredibly excited for the four weeks ahead of me. I hadn’t ever visited kamp before the first day, so I had no idea what it would be like. As soon as my bus turned the corner into kamp, my first sight was a bunch of kounslers welcoming the kampers and introducing them to their new bunks and bunk mates. When I found one of my kounslers holding a sign that said the name of my bunk, she showed me around for a few minutes. Then, after taking me to meet some of the people in my bunk, she took me into my bunk, showed me where my bed and cubbies were, and helped me start unpacking. That night at dinner, I found my table with me, two other people from my bunk, and two kounslers. At the beginning of kamp, I was worried about not being able to make friends because I didn’t know anyone, but as soon as I sat down at my table, I instantly became friends with both of the girls from my bunk. When I got back to my bunk that night I found my schedule taped above my bed. I was so excited and happy with all of my activities and couldn’t wait until the next day. In about the first four days, I was friends with everyone in my bunk and lots of people in other bunks, as well. The first two and a half weeks went by so quickly and I was so surprised when Olympics was already breaking! It was so much fun competing in all of the Olympics competitions, games, special events, and song fest. On the last night of kamp, I was excited that I was going to see my parents the following morning, but more sad to go home and leave kamp. All of the friendships I made, I knew from the beginning would last for life. My experience truly was – four weeks and a lifetime of memories.” ~ Abby, California


“Kamp Kohut has been my second home for almost 5 years now. It wouldn’t have been the same without the amazing friends that you get to make. They all feel like family now to me. They will all be lifelong friends, and I will always miss them. Kamp is such an amazing place where you can learn to do new activities, there is a list that just keeps going, and you can eventually do every single one of the activities. You can do things that you would never even imagine doing. All of the kounselors are very nice, and they walk you through each step of learning a new activity. You will always feel safe and happy, and if you aren’t, then you can talk to any kounselors, and they will always treat you with respect and kindness” ~ Rachel, New Hampshire


“My three brothers and I have all gone to Kamp Kohut and each one of us loves it more than the previous one. I am the youngest and I love it for the great counselors, waterfront, activities and, the Olympics. Kamp Kohut is overall a very happy place.” ~ Charlie, New York


“The camp was great. I had a lot of fun and made lots of friends from different countries with whom I’m still in touch” ~ Alejandra, Spain


“I love Kamp Kohut because everyone you meet is nice and that the counselors are playful and nice. I also love that that when you get there you meet friends so quickly. It is also awesome because at Kamp Kohut they have so many activities and all of the activities are so much fun. My favorite activities are water skiing, soccer, archery, wind surfing and mountain biking. My favorite part of kamp is kollege days. It is also so much fun when in the morning you get to do flippers. Flippers is were you run down a hill and yell “flippers” at the top of your lungs and run into the lake. I also love that I get be away from my parents. Kamp is my favorite part of the summer.” ~ Elan, Washington


“My first year at Kamp Kohut, I was really excited, and I wanted to meet my bunk mates. They were all so sweet, and the counselors greeted us as if it was our home. I realized as the days went by that Kamp Kohut had become like my home. The activities we did were great fun, and my favorite one was, and still is, water-skiing!! On the last day of Kamp, I didn’t want to leave, just like all the other campers! We had made strong attachments with each other, and we all cried! We keep in touch during the year and always look forward to getting together the next summer. I left, but came back the following year, and will be going back this coming summer. Kamp Kohut is like my second home.” ~ Olivia, Switzerland


“Every night when I go to bed at Kamp, I know the next day will be even better than the last!” ~ Dylan, Florida


“The anticipation of Olympics is my favorite part of kamp. It is all anyone can talk about and you never know what, where and when it will happen. Olympics is always the best surprise you will ever have” ~ Carly, Maryland


“I love going to Kamp Kohut. My top favorite activities are water skiing, canoeing and radio. Everyone at Kamp is so nice. In my bunk we love playing card games, chess and we goof around. The food is great too, I love taco Tuesday’s, steak night and BBQ night” ~ Joshy, New York



“Kamp Kohut is my second home and the most amazing place in the entire world. I can’t possibly express in words what Kamp means to me, but I’ll try. I have learned so much from Kamp, and have made some of my closest, kindest, and most trustworthy friends. Every year, I count down the days to Kamp, and each year brings a new set of memories that I cherish forever. I also love being a big sister because I get to help someone enjoy and love Kamp as much as I do. Lisa and all of the counselors are such good role models for me. Thompson Lake and the entire kamp is beautiful, and the activities are so much fun to do, especially the special events and Kollege Days. I am so unbelievably lucky to be able to have such an amazing place to grow in” ~ Jackie, Massachusetts


“I came to Kamp 4 years ago, a kid who really had no clear interests and Kamp shaped those for me . It may have taken a few years but as I look back on it now Kamp is what really shaped who I am today. There are so many great things to do at Kamp, and while I have only truly taken advantage of the Theater aspect of it, you can and will become who you are destined to be through Kamp.” ~ Max, Connecticut


Kamp is great! I love my bunk. My bunk mates are great, so are the counselors. We get to do so many cool activities, and the4th of July is awesome. I am going back to Kamp for the 3rd time because I love it. It’s the BEST!!! ~ Alex, Switzerland


“Kamp kohut is a once in a life time experience. When I first set foot on camp my bunk came and gave me a warm greeting and before I knew it we all felt like we knew each other forever. You don’t even need to worry about being homesick. Each and every person gets elected a older brother or sister, who can comfort you and you can talk to. The activities are entertaining and you won’t get bored. There are so many options it’s really hard to pick which one. The plays and night activities are one of my favorites. The trips are amazing and there are new things to experience. Plus after every trip you get to go to a camp fire and sing the songs. Unless you’re at an overnight where you sleep in the woods with your whole bunk and make s’mores and you even get your own mini camp fire. Sleeping in the woods is not scary as you are close to all your friends. The special thing about this camp is that you can never be left out. Blue and white day is so much fun there are activities to compete in and games to win. Instead of Color war we have a special thing called Kollege days. We have four teams. This event last for three days and it is great. The good thing about kohut is that it is not to big it is small and we all feel like one big family. You will never get made fun of. And that is why you should come.” ~ Lily, Washington


“Every year I look forward to another excitement filled session at Kamp Kohut. Kamp is so special because of all the laughs and memories you share with your friends at “the best place on earth.” During my daily activities or even on a long ride off to trip day, I am never a stitch bored or sad because of the people I’m surrounded by. All the friends I make and activity filled days always make Kamp the best part of my year. The most incredible thing about Kamp is that you make so many great friends. Everyone is kind and accepting and your friends will last you your whole life.” ~ Tucker, New York


“My friends at home are always saying stuff like, “Camp is my second home”, or “I miss camp”. Sometimes I feel like if I tried to explain how I feel about Kamp Kohut, they just wouldn’t understand. For me, Kamp isn’t my second home. Kamp is my home. When I’m there, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world. At home every time it’s a beautiful, cloudless day, I think, ‘Its a PKD (Perfect Kamp Day)!!!’ Every time I hear a song they played at a dance, or the song that was playing during the Kollege Days break, I feel kamp sick and I’ll feel an ache in my stomach. And it’s not just my stomach-my whole body aches to be back at kamp” ~ Mari, Pennsylvania


“I got the chance to try new sports, some of them where totally unknown in my country and I loved them. Councilors were both fun and caring and we had a very special feeling in our bunk. I learned to make up my bed and take care of my things and the importance of team work when for example keeping the bunk tidy I loved it there!!!” ~ Borja, Spain