posted by on July 10, 2017

    Why July is the best month for Kamp
By. Connor S

Let’s be honest, July is really the best month of the year for many of us! Back home, before I began my time at Kohut, July was always the one month of the year that I would take a nice long vacation. Whether it was a short trip to a small log cabin on a Scottish Loch, or a trip over to the south of Spain where we would enjoy the beaches, either way it was a nice time to escape from school and just enjoy being a kid.

Today, now in my 20s, I still feel the same way!

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July is vacation time in “Vacationland, the way life should be, as the Maine ​state motto goes.  We all are so lucky to be here at Kohut in its beautiful surroundings, taking a step back from the “real world” and focusing on Kamp life instead.  With events such as 4th of July Carnival, Blue &​ White days and of course weekly Trip Days, July is the springboard month into summer vacation chock full of memories we will all be talking about for years.

July is also so unique in that within the same month we are lucky enough to have both sessions of our kampers!  We love finishing off a fabulous First session and then jumping straight into Second Session a few days later.  The best of both worlds!

From September to June every year all that comes out of my mouth and crosses my mind is Kohut.  The friends and memories made here under the pine trees at Kamp stay with me back home in Scotland.  The hundreds​ of pictures help me get through the cold winter days and look forward to the​ wonderful July ahead.  I’m so lucky to spend my July at the greatest place I know Kamp Kohut.