posted by on June 18, 2017

This week is the third and final chapter of our three-part series, Prepping for Kamp.

We all know that our staff ​are a key part of what makes​ Kohut great.

​Every year we select the ​”​best of the ​b​est​”​ to make ​the​ summer unique, special, ​enriching ​and ​unforgettable. We want our kounselors to be over-prepared for the rigors of Kamp, truly understand Kohut​’s philosophy​, and give them plenty of time to acclimate to the time change and weather here in Maine! Here is a sampling of how our staff prepare for a magnificent summer at Kamp.


We put our staff through many different kinds of training and certification courses before our kampers arrive.  Lifeguarding, ​F​irst ​A​id/CPR, boat driving, waterskiing, Water Safety Instructor, ​R​opes course, and ​A​rchery are just a sampling of ​the training companies we bring to Kohut each June so our staff can be incredibly well-prepared​.

We also run our own Kohut ​Orientation trainings on all things Kohut​, from safety procedures and health care to Olympics and Kollege Days, from learning the Kohut “Welcome” song to understanding how our carefully organized schedule works​

There is lots to learn and we want our staff to feel very prepared.​


We ​love the way Kohut feels like an extended family.  In order to feel that way, we ​make sure our staff are not only qualified to teach,​ but also get to know and appreciate each​other.  Far beyond the traditional​​ “trust falls,” our staff bonding includes an evening on the Adventure Course, a Staff Trip Day, ​bowling trips, hiking trips, ​and plenty of ice breaker games in between.

​A ​Day in the Life

We need​ to ensure our staff ​truly understand and embrace Kohut’s philosophies, ​can walk the walk of a Kohut kamper.  In order to do so, we run a full “regular schedule day” with our staff as kampers during our Orientation training. “A Day in the Life” ​is an opportunity for the staff to appreciate the kampers’ perspective and how important a well-trained, fun, and thoughtful counselor is.  We’re sure any staff member will tell you that although it’s a bit more tiring than expected, it’s unforgettable!

We hope you enjoyed our series of how we prepare for Kamp. Now….let’s countdown those last days ​to summer!!!