posted by on June 12, 2017

It might sound silly, but Kamp does indeed need to be ready for Kamp. ​There is lots to be done and we have a great bunch of staff in Oxford right now, helping to “get ‘er done.”  ​The ​trees are pruned, fresh coats of paint are painted, and the cabin flaps ​have been ​open​ed​ up ​to ​let in the fresh spring air.

​T​here is ​also ​some very heavy lifting that takes place!

  1. ​Waterfront: ​move the boat​s​ and docks into place -​ I​t takes about 20 people per section to lift ​​the ​boat dock from ​its​ winter perch to its summer home in the water!​ ​And then there are all the sections of the A dock to put in, too! Not to mention getting all the boats, canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, sailboats and powerboats in place. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the life jackets need to be hung out.
  2. Gymnastics: set up the tent and equipment​ – ​In t​he winter our gymnastics tent, ma​t​s, and equipment ​get tucked safely ​away​ from the elements and the local wildlife​. ​ ​It takes a dozen people to bring them out and set them up in the warm spring sunshine!
  3. Fields & Grounds: There are also lines to be painted, bases to be secured​, goals to be put up.

​​Yes, lots of things are happening at Kamp right now!  By the time the end of the month rolls around​,​ ​K​amp will be ready to go.​

A​ll we need is YOU!