posted by on September 11, 2017

September has always been a tough month for us here at K​ohut.

It is the first full month after Kamp has ended and it is also the month furthest away from the beginning of Kamp next summer.

​To cope with the challenge, we like to savor thoughts and memories of the summer just past — and to start planning ahead​, of course!


During our ​recent ​alumni event, we asked some of the returners about their fondest memories of Kamp and what helps them cope with a Kohut summer gone by.​

Here are some of their answers:

“At the end of every summer, my bunk would sit on the benches of the Arts &​ Crafts Shack and write heartfelt letters to each person, & I still have mine”

– Fiona

“Learning how to waterski and eventually being able to do the Macarena while skiing and the Hawaiian themed dance”

– Abbie

“The dances and all the friendships + learning to sail”

– Sylvia

“Earning my Captain’s License in 2000”


If you would like to share any memories you have ​from Kamp please feel free to post them on our Facebook page​.​

​ ​We promise we don’t bite, but we do like!

​ :)​

Enjoy the last bits of summer!

Next summer gets closer every day…​