posted by on May 20, 2017

 Spring is in full swing and as we count down the days until summer we want to do something.   Lisa our director share some thoughts on Spring.


Happy Spring!!  

By Lisa

OK, so I have been accused of it before.  And I don’t deny it.  In fact, as this point, I can’t imagine life any other way:  I’m obsessed with this wondrous thing we call Kohut and I can’t wait to gather the Kamp family to embark on our summer adventure!  

This is the time of year when everything & everyone is making final plans to come together to create and celebrate all those things which make Kamp amazingly special – nice people, incredible setting, lots of challenging & fun activities – “Four Weeks and a Lifetime of Memories” indeed.  I’m so excited, I can barely contain myself.  

I was up at Kamp this past week and in spite of a very long snowy winter, it looked breath-takingly beautiful.  It was almost as if the birds were chirping with their annual anticipation.  The grass is lush and deep green, the lake vibrant blue, the cabins crisp white.  The newly resurfaced upper Basketball court and second set of Tennis courts look great, Mountain Biking is getting a new shed and some new challenges, the additional paddleboards and new powerboat are ordered, Chef Roger is whipping up Culinary Arts ideas, and Kamp looks raring to go.  

Of course, what the birds can’t see are all the program preparations we have also been working on: very fun Blue & White Days, cool Olympics & Kollege Days breaks, expanded Daily Choice & Evening Activity offerings, dynamic musicals, and tons of terrific instructional activities.  It’s all happening at Kohut very soon!  

As we prepare for Kohut’s 110th Anniversary and our 25th Season as Owners/Directors, we look forward with incredible gratitude and excitement.  I have said it before and I’m proud to say it again: I’m obsessed.  I’m guessing you understand how I feel!

See you soon!!  

Safe travels & take care,