posted by on May 8, 2017

We are so excited about the new and fun things in store for summer 2017!  Here are a few of the new things to look forward at Kamp Kohut:

Executive Chef Roger

Those of you who were lucky enough to be at Kamp last summer may remember Chef Roger and his very popular cooking classes.  Kampers learned not only how to make delicious recipes, but also the satisfaction of being able to eat the products of their hard work!  Besides his culinary classes last summer, Chef Roger cooked some delicious meals, including home baked goods, fresh soups, and more.  This Culinary Institute of America graduate and veteran Hyatt Executive Chef is going to share his great passion and experience with us this summer by moving up to the Kohut’s Executive Chef position, so we can enjoy even more of his tasty creations and entertaining culinary classes.   The food and fun in Kohut’s kitchen is going to be amazing!

Kamp Garden

What’s even better than making and eating delicious food?  Making delicious food that you’ve grown yourself!  This year we are going to offer kampers the opportunity to learn about planting, growing and harvesting vegetables, herbs and flowers.  We are working hard at plotting out land and tilling the soil in our new Kohut garden so it will be ready for kampers to dig in.  Our goal is for kampers to learn about what to grow, proper gardening techniques, and the satisfaction of eating something they planted.  How cool is that!

Mountain Bike Challenges

Every year we like to expand on our ever-popular mountain bike course.  This year is no different as we are adding some fun new obstacles for those brave enough to try.   We have bikes and challenges for different sizes and abilities, so we know kampers will enjoy our many trails and obstacle elements.

Astronomical Adventures

We think one of the best parts about Kamp is leaving the city lights and being able to see the stars.  The clear night sky at Kohut is breath-takingly beautiful!  This summer we plan on teaching kampers star gazing techniques and facts with our new telescope and astronomy class.  Not only will kampers get to enjoy the nighttime sky of Lake Thompson, but they will see and learn about the stars, constellations, and maybe even a few meteor showers along the way!
These are a just a few of the exciting new things happening at Kamp Kohut’s 110th anniversary season.

For those of you joining us, we can’t wait to see you!  

For those of you still wondering how to have extraordinary summer experiences, consider Kohut’s “Four Weeks and a Lifetime of Memories” by emailing or calling for more information, a tour, or a visit from one of the directors.  Come Join Us