posted by on April 30, 2017

Tomorrow marks one month out from our first staff arrival for Summer 2017!  

Who can believe it?  We’re so excited!  How is it that one minute it seems like winter will last forever, and then suddenly, it seems like summer is just around the corner?   Time really flies when you’re busy!

May is an exciting time for our year round Kohut family, as the upcoming summer — with all of the new and exciting things on the horizon — seems almost within reach.  We wait patiently (sometimes not so much) for you to join us in Oxford and we work hard to prepare Kamp for your arrival.

One way we get our Kohut family ready for the summer is by hosting Spring Picnics with kampers old and new.  These events are a great opportunity for our kampers and Kamp families to meet and get to know one another before arriving at Kohut, as well as to spend time with some of our Kohut Leadership Team.  It’s fun to play games together or make some craft projects, eat pizza, enjoy the nice spring weather, and talk about plans & preparations for the summer.  From the time our last kampers leave in August, until the next summer comes speeding around the corner, we are thinking and working towards making Kamp extra new and special for our next round of kampers.  That year-long work finally culminates in our journey to Kamp at the end of the month of May.

It’s time for April showers to give way to May flowers, summer is right around the corner and Kamp excitement is growing daily.  Thanks for sharing our excitement!