posted by on January 1, 2016

Here at Kohut we believe that magic really can happen. It’s that exact moment when your worries have melted and all you can see are blue skies, white, fluffy clouds and the gentle splash of Lake Thompson against the beach.

Every summer, our campers and staff spend their days drenched in the sun with the breeze on their backs, all soaking it in as they find a little slice of paradise nestled amongst our hundred year old pine trees. We pride ourselves on our commitment to nature, and giving back and appreciating the very land which has entertained children since 1907.

We believe in setting a standard of friendliness, tolerance and compassion, and our brother-sister environment means you’re not just a camper- you’re one of the family. And for us, family means friendship, a lifelong connection to those who have been lucky enough to experience it all with you.

The outside world brings its own set of challenges- the very challenges we like to remove from those who pas through our gates. In their place, we leave building blocks of confidence, self respect and a newfound appreciation for the simple things that do still exist. To that end, we understand that in the off season it is our mission to remind you about the magic that happens every summer, keep you informed of what we’re doing and helping you with resources that come across our door.

As camp professionals, we’re always developing our skills and learning the best approach to educating and nurturing our campers and staff. It is our hope that this blog becomes an outlet for anything and everything that we’d like to share with you. There will be photos of the good times, updates on exciting news, and little tips for your everyday life outside of Kohut. It’s a message board, a news source and a springboard for future ideas. It’s our little piece of Lake Thompson, delivered to your computer screen, reminding all of us of just how important Kohut is to each and every one of us.

We hope you enjoy reading, and from Oxford, Maine to wherever you are- may your day be filled with hope, warmth, and love, from our family to yours…

Your Kohut Family